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A shopaholics dream come true; a tourist’s delight; a hub for arts and culture; a pulsating dynamic city bustling with various ethnicities, religions and faiths, Bangkok is one of Asi’s most invigorating behemoth of a city! Dazzling temples, ritzy shopping scene, flamboyant hotels, and restaurants, hip clubs and bars, it is a hive of unceasing activity.

Bangkok Bangkok’s key tourist delights include the radiant royal grand palace, royal barge national museum, Jim Thompson Thai house and the highly revered Buddhist temples including Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew. A memorable dinner cruise on the meandering Chao Phraya River rejuvenates the senses. Shop until you drop at the glistening malls loaded with high street brands. The highly touristy Pat Pong is on the list of most travellers booking packages for holidays to Bangkok for an exciting nightlife and shopping at the night market. Bangkok is the most attractive city in Thailand, and very much popular among luxury holidaymakers.

Climate & Best Time to Visit Bangkok features a hot and tropical climate almost all year round. The months of November to February usually remain the driest, March to May remain hot and June to September make for the rainy season in the city. The dry months of November to march is the most ideal time to book packages for luxury holidays to Bangkok when the temperature is fairly moderate. But at this time the demand for Bangkok holiday packages spirals up, luxury hotels in Bangkok are not easy to find and air ticket prices go shooting through the roof. Cost conscious travellers must make their flight and Bangkok hotel reservations well in advance.

Eating Out Eating out remains one of the most special prerogatives for those booking tour packages for luxury holidays in Bangkok. Almost every nook and cranny in the city is crammed full with shop-house restaurants and food carts. One can also sample the true Thai flavours at modest road side eateries that are popular for doling out scrumptious delicacies. The city also teems with scores of city restaurants that offer international bistro fare to delight epicureans and foodies on luxury holidays to the city.

Shopping Dubbed as the Shopping Hub of Thailand, Bangkok is perhaps the best place in Thailand to slake that desire to Shop till you drop! One may buy everything from jewellery and gemstones to Thai silks and cottons and from silverware to other traditional arts and crafts. But there are hosts of other items worth discovering at Bangkok’s popular shopping avenues: excellent handmade leather goods, antique silverware and fine porcelain, all at prices that can put some of the world’s biggest bargains to shame.

Popular Hotels Bangkok is home to a multitude of luxury hotels that can put even the world’s most luxurious palaces to shame. But it’s not just the luxury hotels that redefine city’s skyline and the city features a staggering range of budget hotels for cost conscious travellers. In fact, the city abound over 500 luxury and budget hotels and guesthouses and the number is still growing by leaps and bounds. With such a fecund list of accommodation options to take a pick from, you’ll feel more pampered here than in many other cities.

Tips and Advice Thai capital, Bangkok features traditions and cultures that seem to be in contrast with the western world. And visitors spending on tour packages for holidays to the city must remain mindful of not hurting the local sentiments. Like any other destination, this city also has its fair share of issues including persistent touts, tricksters and scammers and it makes sense for those buying luxury packages for holidays to the city to remain vigilant against touts! Also it is advisable to refrain from making critical or defamatory comments about the King or other members of the Royal family as it is considered illegal here.